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Connecting Through Music

Peter Palermo the Executive Director of the Sheldon in St. Louis. The Sheldon is a concert hall that has hosted acts from around the world.

Palermo shares his insight as a curator of musical acts, bringing culture and music to the Midwest. Palermo explains his journey which brought him back to the Midwest, and his goal of bringing music to the masses. He shares how music helps people to connect, and his concert hall connects world music back to the Midwest.

Empathy is a recurring theme in the interview with Palermo, he discusses how the arts can teach folks how to step in the shoes of others. The arts create a shared experience and allow people to see life different than their own. That is one way that Sheldon is helping to create a more inclusive and accepting world is through sharing the arts.

In order to share music with the world, Palermo has had to find new ways to connect due to the current pandemic. Through using technology, the Sheldon is connecting with people around the world.

Technology and the pandemic are changing the music industry. Virtual concerts are becoming the new normal. As people around the world need to social distance, and many are choosing to remain safely at home and musicians have gotten creative for getting their music out their to fans. Quarantine concerts are growing in popularity and offering opportunities for folks to access music regardless of geographic location. 

Palermo explains that with technology he is able to connect to the audience outside the Midwest, and it also allows him to scout for new talent. Palermo is utilizing technology to carefully curate artists for the Sheldon.

The Sheldon like many music venues is struggling due to the pandemic, but it will overcome, and continue to put quality music on the radars of its faithful patrons, thanks to the support the community and the tools of technology.


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