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Meet the Hosts


Neal Sample

Builder, CxO, Data Nerd, Technology Heavyweight...

Have you ever needed someone to go to with important questions that are simultaneously part of your evolving technology role, and so complicated that Google can't help with the answer?  Well then...Neal is likely your guy.  He's led companies all over our great nation from wine country to the prairie, the Rockies to the Great Lakes.  He's likely forgotten more about technology and leadership than most of us will ever know.


Jason Montague

Host, Mastermind, Creator, Midwest Enthusiast... 

If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing! Jason is a technical leader in the Midwest bringing leadership, innovative thinking, and inspiration to those who have the pleasure of working with him. If you're having a bad day, he'll leave you thinking it's a great one. He'll smash a 2-iron down the pipe, walking back to his bag convincing you there's probably a better way.


Patrick Gaynor

Contributor, People Leader, Terrible Web Designer...

With a never ending quest to understand the "Why" behind everything, Patrick joins the Hashtag Midwest team to bring humor, creativity, and a perspective that brings out the best answers, not the easiest ones.

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